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Paul’s Story

Paul sees volunteering as a continuous learning experience.

I’ve been actively involved in charity work since my childhood, inspired by personal experiences. My journey began with a fundraiser for a new hospital scanner, a way to give back after receiving incredible care for severe asthma and spending many weeks in hospital. During my university years in Manchester, my involvement in volunteering continued with Marie Curie, moved by stories of families they supported. More recently, I’ve started volunteering with Stockport Talking Newspaper, a service my blind grandma really valued. These experiences aren’t just close to my heart; they’re a testament to the impact these organisations have on individual lives. 

Volunteering is more than just giving; it’s a personal journey and connection. The most fulfilling roles for me have been those with a deep personal resonance, where I can relate to the challenges faced by those we help. Each role has introduced me to diverse individuals, each with their own unique story and background. It’s a continuous learning experience for me, filled with opportunities to meet fascinating people and make a real difference. I believe everyone has something to gain from volunteering, and I encourage others to discover this for themselves.”


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Welcome to your new and improved Stockport Volunteer Hub website,
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