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David’s Story

David discovered that volunteering is not just a contribution; but that it is a powerful investment in oneself.
David sat on a leather sofa looking into the camera.

“On January 19, 2024, I reflect on the pivotal role volunteering has played in propelling my career forward. In 2003, may journey began at the Citizens Advice Bureau as a volunteer, setting the stage for a transformative career trajectory. Building on this experience, I successfully secured a second volunteering position with the national charity, refugee-action, operating in the forced migration sector.

The invaluable experience gained at both the CAB and Refugee Action became the cornerstone of my professional growth, opening doors to a casework role at Refugee Action that spanned over 12 years. Remarkably, I ascended to the position of volunteer coordinator for the UNHCR Gateway Refugee Resettlement Programme in Bolton.

In 2023, I embraced a volunteer role at the Stockport Race Equality Partnership, and within the same year, I cultivated the skills necessary to confidently pursue my current role as the Refugee and Migrant Partner Lead in Stockport.

Reflecting on this journey, I am reminded that giving back to the community is not merely a one-way street—it reciprocates. Invest your time in volunteering and watch as it enriches you with skills that become your greatest assets in shaping a fulfilling career. Volunteering is not just a contribution; it’s a powerful investment in yourself and your professional journey.”


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